Mage and Assistant Poses for Genesis 8

06 July 2024
Mage and Assistant Poses for Genesis 8

Well outside the closest village (close enough to obtain the occasional cadaver, but far enough away to protect the villagers from any chemical fires) stands a solemn mysterious tower. Within dwells a mysterious scholar...a man of letters...and his equally eager young apprentice. Who knows what they'll discover or unleash in the wee hours of the morning, when decent folk are huddled in bed? Who will be the first to creep close and spy through the window? After you.

Here's a set of fifteen poses for Genesis 8 and the luxuriously accessorized Mage Tower to get you started, including seven coordinating couples poses and one solo pose.

Many of the poses interact with Tower accessories, Wearables preloads are provided for those. Any needed utility H.poses for tweaking the props are included, as is a Zero! pose for the Genesis figures.

Also included is a Prop Setup scene preload, to snap the tower's bountiful supply of accessories into initial positions.
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