Mneme Hair for Genesis 9

06 July 2024
Mneme Hair for Genesis 9

Mneme Hair is a stunning, classic, parted-in-the-middle, hairstyle. To add some bohemian flair, an optional braid is included as a separate part, in two versions, simple and adorned with tiny rings.

This unique and captivating style combines sophisticated beauty with a playful touch.

Includes: 26 adjust, 22 movement, 54 styling, 14 volume 28 windy morphs, 6 braid morphs, 15 style presets, 36 normal material presets, 3 shine options, 36 partial material presets for the fringes, 36 partial presets for streaks and 18 material presets for rings and braid tie.

Add this versatile hairstyle to your library today and have fun creating impressive artwork!
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