LI Short-Stop Hair for Genesis 9

11 June 2024
LI Short-Stop Hair for Genesis 9

Introducing LI Short-Stop Hair, a sleek and stylish short hairstyle.

Utilizing Strand-base Hair and the new Omni-Surface Hair Shader in DAZ Studio, this hair product offers versatility. With a wide range of morphs and control dials, you have great control over the look and feel of the hair through morph combinations and micro adjustments through the dForce Hair Generation Mode Root Radius System.
In the texture file there is also a spare density map it you want to have a play with Target Surface options available.

LI Short-Stop Hair is fitted to the skull cap that comes with a whole bunch of its own adjustment morphs, that combined with a plethora of hair morphs and the Root Generation dForce Hair Settings, you can achieve the perfect style with ease.

With hierarchical presets that allows for quick amendments to the OmniHair shader and a whole bunch of preset materials options included, you'll have everything you need to create some very cool renders. Don't be afraid to experiment – LI Short-Stop Hair gives you the freedom to express your creativity through micro adjustments and an endless way to fine tune and add additional strands via the Hair Generation Mode under the surfaces tab.
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