Desolated Carnival

19 May 2024
Desolated Carnival

Under the pale glow of the moon, stands a Desolated Carnival, a relic of a forgotten world. The roller coaster, once a conveyer of exhilarating emotions, turns slowly like a wandering soul around a rocket and a crescent moon, evoking distant dreams of a bygone era. Beside it, a colossal clown head, its gaping mouth offering a mysterious entrance into the unknown.

A haunted lighthouse, once radiant with comforting light, now casts spectral shadows, reminiscent of a haunted house attraction. Marionettes, sketched on the shattered glass of the hall of mirrors, dance with macabre grace, their distorted silhouettes reflecting a vibrant past of faded illusions.

The roller coaster, once a symbol of joyful madness, now lies in pieces, its small trains scattered on the decrepit ground. The atmosphere, infused with an aesthetic where reality and fantasy intertwine, blends with the imagery of engravings illustrating the works of Jules Verne. It is a landscape where reality and fantasy interweave, where memories of a once lively amusement park have transformed into a silent symphony of nostalgia and mystery.

This set is composed of 5 complete elements representing abandoned or weathered amusement park attractions. Separated and independent, they will allow you either to create a stage setting for an abandoned or post-apocalyptic amusement park or to enhance your existing scenes. Special attention has been given to the textures. We hope that this unique universe will captivate you and inspire new ideas.

Background, Clothing, Hairs, Character on images are NOT included!
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