02 July 2024

Kaksinaisuus – Duality.

The monolithic building stands in stark contrast, embodying a duality that is both striking and harmonious.

The two parts exhibit a stark duality in their features.

One part of the structure boasts a luxurious plunge pool, symbolizing relaxation and leisure.

In contrast, the second part of the structure houses two towering trees, evoking a sense of nature and tranquillity.

The juxtaposition of these elements highlights the unique characteristics of each part of the building, creating a striking visual contrast. Despite their differences, the buildings complement each other, creating a unique and dynamic urban landscape that showcases the beauty of architectural diversity.

Kaksinaisuus is a complete render scene, using the sun/sky system.

Included are 14 cameras, with matching render presets.

All props in the scene are instanced from one main prop to make the scene as lightweight as possible.

And also gives you the ability to hide and unhide any individual elements that you require.
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