dForce Roman Matron for Genesis 9 and 8

23 May 2024
dForce Roman Matron for Genesis 9 and 8

Bring authentic, historically accurate, and elegant fashion of the Roman Empire to your renders with the Roman Matron pack!

A typical garment worn by women in Rome emphasized drapes and folds and was arguably more complex than the male outfits - while both wore tunics, the female tunic was typically longer and was tied under the chest, making it a comfortable maternity wear if needed. It was overlaid by a more insulating, usually woolen "strap dress" called stola. And to allow for head coverage and protection from the elements - a pala, a voluminous "scarf", would be artfully draped around the lady. Indoors it would typically be slipped off the head and look more like a light version of a toga.

The set includes a tunic, stola, and four versions of pala drapes for Genesis 9 as well as Genesis 8 Females and Males to make every variation possible - Roman women would wear a pala more loosely during normal days and could use it to insulate even more on colder ones.

Material presets are crafted from references of actual clothing dyes available in Rome as well as natural dye-free versions. Each item has a "color change" material set up - just change the "defuse", "glossy" and "translucent" colors to anything you want the material is set up to take it well.

Bring history to life, drape your statues, or imagine the future "Roman Empire Renaissance" with this comprehensive set!

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