EF Dauntless Angel Outfit for Genesis 9

23 April 2024
EF Dauntless Angel Outfit for Genesis 9

She is an angel with wings of steel.

Meet EF Dauntless Angel Outfit for Genesis 9. It has been specifically designed to enhance feminine beauty (though it is also capable of working with masculine shapes). Don this armor on your heroine and she's going to defeat all her foes.

Right from the beginning the outfit provides two basic options: it can be worn with pants or panties.

The next choice is about the metal wings. They are impressive and they definitely can protect your character's back from horizontal cuts of enemy swords. However, the wings can be left at home for tonight if your character is not in the mood to wear them.

The breastplate has a little trick: it consists of two parts. The Inner Part and the Outer Part. When (or if) you turn the Inner Part off, the reduced amount of protection is well compensated by the increased confusion on the battlefield. In addition, the six spikes in the front are adjustable. They can be moved up or down if there is a need to cover the nipples of your heroine.

Please be advised that the metal armor in general tends to restrict movements. This outfit is no exception. Not all the possible poses can be accommodated. In case of the most extreme movements it is recommended to hide the Pauldrons.

The outfit comes with two variations of a sophisticated metal material. All the leather parts have three variations.

The last but not least, the beautiful and stylish fantasy sword is also provided.

EF Dauntless Angel Outfit for Genesis 9 is a great addition to your fantasy wardrobe!

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