One Piece for Genesis 8 Females

28 April 2024
One Piece for Genesis 8 Females

This is a set of Super Conforming Clothing product, it is not a dForce product, no simulation is required, yes, it is directly used. I have made this type of swimsuit before, but I was not satisfied with the geometric mesh, so I made a new production this time. Unfortunately, because of the heavy workload, I was helpless to give up the version of G8.1 and G9F, and only included the version of G8F.

Note: This is a non-dForce product and does not require simulation, it is a Super Conforming product, so use it directly. This product pack only includes the G8F version.

***Versions for Genesis 8 Female(s)***

Include in this pack:

1 Super Conforming Clothing Figure for G8F (One Piece.duf)
2896 Morphs Files (One Piece, 2743 JCMS, 145 MCMs, 8 Adjustments, JCMS and MCMs Hidden and Auto-fit)
1 Geometry Files (.dsf, One Piece Thong_3731.dsf)
24 Material Presets (12 Silk Colour Materials, 12 Silk Floral Materials, Only Iray material is included)
29 Textures (High Resolution High Quality textures, 4096*4096)
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