08 July 2024

She slowly walked through the factory corridor. It had been a long couple of days playing cat and mouse with her adversaries...but like in any game there are winners and there are losers, losing was not an option. The factory had technically been abandoned for quite some time, an old auto parts manufacturer, what they built now was much more sinister, and much more deadly. She had been on edge since this op started; things at home weren't quite right, boyfriends come and gone...the usual destructive landscape that marked her life...was her life.

She held up her hand and closed her fist, the rest of her team stopped and stood dead still. She heard movement and talking up ahead coming their way. She flashed a hand signal to the rest of her team, "Hide and be ready, on me." They all faded into the background, becoming part of their surroundings, effortlessly and noiselessly fading into the walls.

Hell was about to rain and she was playing mother nature.
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