Slingshot Swim dForce Swimsuit for Genesis 9

23 June 2024
Slingshot Swim dForce Swimsuit for Genesis 9

The Slingshot Swim dForce Swimsuit is an outfit for the Genesis 9 figure using the Feminine shape for use in Daz Studio using Iray.

A version of this swimsuit for the Genesis 8 female can be found in the store.

The outfit consists of a tiny swimsuit along with a selection of material, shader and dForce preset options.

The swimsuit comes with a number of material and shader options to change the look of the swimsuit.
The swimsuit includes a number of shaping and adjustment morphs that with autofitting can help fit many shapes and poses.

This swimsuit has a number Special Morphs.
Some Special morphs may not look good when the figure is posed.
Some allow the item to be shaped as if it is Off the figure and not being worn and are meant to be used not fitted to a figure.

There are a some dynamic settings to allow the swimsuit to be not dynamic, completely dynamic or the default setting designed to help the swimsuit hold more shape when being worn on a figure.
Some of the special morphs may look better when used with the Dynamic full preset applied.
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