Sinister Fallen Outfit for Genesis 9

23 June 2024
Sinister Fallen Outfit for Genesis 9

Something wicked this way comes....
But this isn't your run-of-the-mill demon.... this is a demon knight.

The Sinister Fallen is the name of Lucifer's army of demons who keep the souls bound down below and drag the wicked deserving to the bowels of Perdition. And at the head.... his most fearsome warrior. Because hell hath no fury than a woman... scorned or otherwise.

Sinister Fallen calls up from the pit demonic body parts and a 6-piece fitted outfit that together form the most fearsome demon you'll ever meet, and the last one you'll ever lay eyes upon. It includes demon wings, hooves, arms, and a tail, and the outfit pieces conform atop the anatomy to make your demon properly armored. From claw to helm, this armor is positively built for terror!

Also included is a halberd weapon, which comes in two versions: Two-handed long halberd and dual-wield short halberds. There are also 10 poses included for each of those, respectively, as well as 10 general poses that will give your demon flight or fight (giving you 30 in all) The included poses will pose everything for you. And I mean everything... from the wings and tail, down to the skirt and more, you can achieve a perfect epic look for your scenes straight out of the box without fussing with poses yourself. They will also pose the hair (sold separately)

Last but not least, there is a motherlode of materials. This set includes 3 full unique outfit sets, each of which yields an entirely different look and appeal, and includes 5 colors to each of them. The 3 sets are Imperial (for a more shiny, regal look) Revenant (a war-torn, battle-weary look), and finally Sentinel, which is leather and chainmail clad with colored plates and bones. This set was also developed in such a way that it will use as little VRAM as possible, by reusing maps (where it was possible to do so) Utility mats are also included, to help kitbash the set and give you new ways you can utilize the pieces.

Be sure to check out Sinister Fallen Hair, which adds a headdress and hair that you can use in place of the helm, giving you even more versatility!
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