dForce MK General Armor for Genesis 9

06 June 2024
dForce MK General Armor for Genesis 9

The dForce MK General Armor for Genesis 9 is a stunning costume designed for Genesis 9 figures.

This package includes a top, a pair of pants, a helmet, a shoulder protector, a sleeve protector, a breastplate, a waist protector, a tasset, a cushy and a pair of high boots, both of which are available in four vibrant and eye-catching colors. The costume features a unique and elegant design, with an Oriental leather armor structure that adds a touch of allure to the overall look.

The dForce technology used in the creation of this costume ensures that it drapes and moves realistically, making it perfect for dynamic and fluid animations. The costume can also be used as conforming with gentle poses, providing a great degree of flexibility for users.

The dForce MK General Armor for Genesis 9 is a must-have for anyone looking for armor for general that can be used in a wide range of settings, from fashion shows to virtual reality simulations.

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