dForce Militaria Outfit for Genesis 9

03 June 2024
dForce Militaria Outfit for Genesis 9

The dForce Militaria Outfit for Genesis 9 Uniform your figures in classic military fashion! From the tasseled boots to the fluffy plumes, every item of this set is carefully tailored to fit a variety of body shapes both masculine and feminine.

All eight outfit items have 6 base gray textures in twill and wool easily tintable for your own custom colour combinations. Thirty presets full outfit color presets should get you started whether you are making an army, a marching band, a holiday nutcracker, or a heroic anime team.

Weapon props include a cutlass and scabbard, black powder rifle, ramming stick, bayonet, and bayonet sheathe.

The prop feathers on the hat are dForce and removable if needed. They may take quite a long time to simulate. The cape has a push modifier already set up for you to paint out any poke-through after the simulation has finished.

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