Taina Catwalk Character, Outfit and Poses for Genesis 9 Feminine

09 July 2024
Taina Catwalk Character, Outfit and Poses for Genesis 9 Feminine

Introducing Taina, an astonishing expression of Miami glamour and style! As a swimsuit model, Taina exudes confidence and elegance in every stride.

Her outfit features a chic top paired with a flirtatious short skirt, both work with dForce, complemented perfectly by stylish sandals and a stunning two-piece bikini. Her wardrobe boasts four vibrant colors, to showcase her unique flair for fashion. This set also includes 12 types of makeup. whether she's rocking bold makeup or opting for a more natural look, Taina captivates audiences with her undeniable charm and magnetic presence. Finally, this set comes with 12 different poses to use with Taina character and Genesis 9 Feminine.

Get ready to dive into the world of fashion with Taina, where every outfit is a statement and every pose is a masterpiece.

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