Sophia 9

06 July 2024
Sophia 9

Sophia 9 represents a strong tougher female character. She's able to thrive in a male-dominated space with her leaner athletic shape while maintaining her beauty with the usual highly detailed realistic-looking skin.

For more savings and to give Sophia everything she needs to fix any machine, check out the Sophia 9 Space Mechanic Starter Bundle and Sophia 9 Space Mechanic Starter Bundle!

Sophia 9 HD measurements courtesy of Measure Metrics for Daz Studio:

Height: 5' 10.8" (189.8 cm)
Chest Circumference: 36.5" (92.6 cm)
Waist Circumference: 27.4" (69.7 cm)
Low Hip Circumference: 37.7" (95.8 cm)
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