Dylan for Genesis 8.1 Male

13 June 2024
Dylan for Genesis 8.1 Male

Introducing Dylan, the versatile heartthrob.

At 18 years old, this male character is the epitome of youthful charm, ready to bring any virtual world to life.

Dylan's meticulously crafted features capture the essence of a young adult/teenage boy, making him the perfect choice for a wide range of scenes and narratives.

He effortlessly navigates the transition between carefree teenager and responsible young adult.

Whether he's the star of a high school drama, a sci-fi adventure, or a fantasy quest, Dylan adapts to any role with ease, ensuring that your storytelling possibilities are limitless.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your Daz Studio experience with Dylan, the ageless teenager who's ready to play any role you throw his way. Unleash your imagination, tell compelling stories, and let Dylan be the centerpiece of your virtual world.

The included Materials are for Nvidia Iray only.
All the promotional Pictures were rendered in Daz Studio.
*** Hair, Clothing and Accessories used in the Promo Pictures are not included.***

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