Cheyenne 9 Pro Bundle

19 May 2024
Cheyenne 9 Pro Bundle

Cheyenne 9 Pro Bundle brings you the mix of tribal to modern from the starter and adds in the spirit of Central America with a more Aztech-inspired look. Allow the beauty of Cheyenne to shine in any environment with this amazing collection:

  • Cheyenne 9 and her HD Details
  • 3 alternative shapes allowing her to be more muscular, thinner, or add a little extra to her shape with plus size.
  • Expressions crafted just for her.
  • LIE Make-up that brings a range from beauty ready for battle.
  • 2 Hairstyles from a sassy bob-style to luxurious braids with custom fits for both headdresses included with the bundle.
  • 3 outfits, 2 to give you a more historical look of both North and Central America and another more modern and elegant that works for any occasion
  • A Meso-American-inspired weapon set
  • A small jewelry set, with earrings and a choker in different styles

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