Sophia 9 Space Mechanic Pro Bundle

09 July 2024
Sophia 9 Space Mechanic Pro Bundle

Sophia 9 Space Mechanic Starter Bundle brings you everything you need for Sophia to fix any machine.

Sophia 9 - leaner, athletic core body, realistic skin, and her HD Add-On is also included in the bundle.
3 alternative shapes to lean into her features focusing on slimmer, curvy, and athletic shaping.
Makeup that has her shine, or shows her covered in grime.
2 Hairs featuring short sleek hair using the OmniHair shader to give it that more realistic look and a bob-type punkish hair with highlights to give that extra edge.
An expression set made just for Sophia
3 Different outfits, 1 to show off her edgy look, and the other gets her suited up, ready to fix any futuristic machine, with a tool belt strapped to the side, and 1 more modernist style mechanic wear, with dForce undress options.
A futuristic set of tools with a case.
A set of headwear, featuring a set of futuristic goggles and welding mask.
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