Lianna 9 Pro Bundle

02 July 2024
Lianna 9 Pro Bundle

Lianna 9 Pro Bundle is essentially 3 characters in 1 complete package, a femme fatale, a deadly spy, and an undead elf. Be ready for any scenario or setting with this collection:

Lianna 9 and her HD Add-On
An alternative blue skin texture and yellow eyes
An alternative undead elf texture with elf ears, and brows
A bob-style hair with a skull accessory and a femme fatale outfit to match up with it perfectly
A long beautiful hair and an elven inspired outfit made to work with the hair, also includes a bow and arrow
A sultry outfit complete with glasses
A set of 5 realistic firearm props
A spy-inspired pose set making use of the weapons
A elf-inspired set making use of the bow and arrow

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