Snow Queen 9 HD Pro Bundle

02 July 2024
Snow Queen 9 HD Pro Bundle

The Snow Queen 9 Pro Bundle is a comprehensive bundle that includes props and items that fit perfectly with Snow Queen 9’s elegant look. Enhance your character’s look with a classy up-do hairstyle, two fantastical outfits, a jewelry set, a make-up set, and Paper Moon pin-up poses that are sure to highlight Snow Queen’s graceful features. With Snow Queen, you can create detailed fantasy, modern, or retro 3D scenes!

Also for the first 30 days, as a Genesis 9 Pro Bundle Value Add we've included the following alternate shapes:

Snow Queen Elder
Snow Queen Teen
Snow Queen Child
With these and the base Snow Queen character, you can take your new Genesis 9 Pro Bundle character through varying stages of life with the simple spin of a dial.

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