Fun Stock-ings

18 June 2024
Fun Stock-ings

"Fun Stockings" is a set containing realistic, fully rigged Posable Stocking and Knot props that you can use for tying up anything you want, or posing them in any other way.
As an addition to this set, you will also get two conforming (fitted) stockings (Left Stocking and Right Stocking) which you can use on G8F/G8.1F figures.
This allows you to create scenes where one stocking is worn by the G8F figure and one is used for tying or other activities or simply lying on the floor.
Each prop has 7 realistic materials that match the materials of other props in the set.
The Posable Stocking is equipped with 2 morph sliders and 4 sliders for easy posing, but you can also pose it with movement/rotation/scale of the bones.
All bones have selection groups so they can be manipulated easily in the scene.

This product also includes 2 bonus poses for the Posable Stocking and Knot props (plus two partial poses for the G8F for easier positioning of the posed props).
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