TackyFeet Plugin

23 April 2024
TackyFeet Plugin

TackyFeet is a plugin containing two tools to assist in the fix of sliding feet in animation sequences.

A semi-automated "AUTOMATED" tool and a manual "MANUAL" tool.

The AUTOMATED tool looks at the height of each selected node and moves the figure's Hip(or skeleton) to pin the lowest select node in place.

The MANUAL tool uses a table of data to identify which node is pinned and for which frames.

The Pinned node can be by node origin, node endpoint, bounding box or mesh vertex.

The nodes can be pinned to the zero plain or the mesh of the last selected node.

Limitations: Both tools only modify the Hip(or skeleton)'s translation(position) and do not modify(or correct) any rotation values. Thus, the result is dependent on the quality of the original animation.

TackyFeet is 64bit only.

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