Li Mei Morph for Genesis 9 Female

02 May 2024
Li Mei Morph for Genesis 9 Female

Introducing Li Mei, the gorgeous new morph for Genesis 9 Female! Li Mei is a stunning Asian beauty who doesn't let her looks fool you - she's brave and strong. She'll bring an exotic flair to your 3D renders. NO TEXTURES ARE INCLUDED.

Li Mei is sure to make a statement in your digital world! Her shapely body ensures that you won't be lacking for realism, and her gracefully toned physique ensures that she won't be overlooked. Li Mei is a perfect choice for any setting - whether it be fantasy, modern or period pieces - she looks lovely in all of them! Embrace her beauty with ease; she's sure to impress everyone who sees her. With Li Mei in your arsenal of digital characters, there's no limit to what you can create!

This product contains a head, body and full body morph.

This is a character morph ONLY, skin textures NOT included. Use your own skin texture.
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