27 June 2024

Seamster is a plugin for Daz Studio 4.21 and higher that makes rigging clothes for Daz Studio significantly easier.

Reduce your risk of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)!

Note: Unlike many of my other plugins, Seamster actually requires Daz Studio 4.21 or higher. It will not run on older versions

Making 3D clothing for Daz Studio usually involves the following phases:

Modeling and UV-mapping the clothing with 3D modeling software (such as Marvelous Designer) and exporting it in the OBJ file format.
Importing the OBJ onto a Genesis figure in Daz Studio and rigging it (giving it bones and making them work with weightmaps and corrective morphs).

Seamster helps with step 2, which many consider the most tedious part of making clothes for Daz Studio. It greatly reduces the many clicks that are normally required, reducing the risk of forgetting something along the way, which can otherwise lead to a lot of lost time and frustration. It imports your clothing OBJ and runs Transfer Utility with just two clicks. It helps you with checking and painting the weightmaps for all the bones and with making corrective morphs for certain bone rotations. It can also help with creating rigid follow nodes (RFNs).

Seamster has been developed with the help and support of some of the most respected clothing makers who are publishing in the Daz Store.
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