MP Realistic Feet for Genesis 9

25 June 2024
MP Realistic Feet for Genesis 9

Are you tired of your Genesis 9 characters having less-than-realistic feet? Look no further! This morph pack is designed to give your characters a more lifelike and realistic foot shape, making them look truly believable.

With MP Realistic Feet for Genesis 9, you'll get 5 different, carefully crafted foot morphs, each with their own individual dials for both left and right feet for maximum customization. These morphs include the original morphs from the Genesis 8 version, plus two more morphs for added realism.

But that's not all, MP Realistic Feet also includes three additional morphs that allow you to flatten the sole, adjust the width of the foot, and now, even customize the size of the ankles.

Perfect for any 3D artist looking to take their work to the next level. Don't settle for generic feet, elevate your renders with MP Realistic Feet for Genesis 9!
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