Now-Crowd Billboards - Roman Legionaries Fighting (Roman Legion Vol III)

23 April 2024
Now-Crowd Billboards - Roman Legionaries Fighting (Roman Legion Vol III)

The legions are on the march! The Roman Legion was one of the most effective fighting forces of the ancient world. The Contubernium represented the smallest unit within the legion, a "squad" consisting of 8 men. Follow the same group of men as they perform various activities within the legion, from guarding, marching, fighting, and more! Each product in the Now-Crowd Billboards - Roman Legion series provides a different action for the Contubernium. You can get only the ones you need or the complete Roman Legion set to tell the complete story of the Roman Legion! Fill your ancient world battle scenes with a variety of high-quality, flexible, and easy-to-use billboards. They're perfect as a backdrop for the main action that you add.

Notes: For Iray and 3Delight

No figures are included with this product.

No other products are needed to use this Now-Crowd Billboards product.

Note that Now-Crowd Billboard products are large (multiple GB) because of the many textures (72 images per figure x number of figures) and can take a while to download.
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