The Initiative: Chests

01 July 2024
The Initiative: Chests

Have a large collection of items and nowhere to store them?

Do your characters crave loot inside hidden dungeons or simply an ornate chest to hold their belongings?

Look no further than these fantasy/sci-fi chests that will surely catch your eye and stand out.

The Initiative: Chests come with two types of models, with 3 modeling variations per type.

Each type also comes with four texture variations: the default blue/white marble variation, a cross-hatched copper and painted metal variation, an obsidian/amethyst version with a carbon-fiber frame, and a high-fantasy pink and gold version fit for a princess!

The chests also come with a fully modeled interior and the lids are separated for ease of posing, and the prop pack also includes six subsets that will allow you to quickly load grouped chests for easy placement in your scenes.
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