Galactic Adventurer

18 June 2024
Galactic Adventurer

dForce Galactic Adventurer For Genesis 9

Welcome aboard the intrepid spacecraft of the space adventurer, a figure as daring as she is mysterious, boldly traversing galactic borders with unwavering confidence. Endowed with unwavering determination, she plunges headfirst into the most perilous missions, and her journey is adorned with dazzling successes.

This retro-futuristic space girl gracefully navigates her miniature spacecraft, weaving through the stars like a celestial dancer. Don't be fooled by her appearance, as behind her sexy and girly demeanor lies a formidable sharpshooter, wielding her laser pistol with a precision that hits the mark every time.

Like a heroine straight from the pages of an intergalactic comic book, she adds a touch of glamour to every scene, captivating her audience with her elegant outfit. Her spacecraft, with butterfly doors, evokes the grace of a little dragonfly traversing the boundless universe.

The space adventurer embodies the perfect blend of audacity, beauty, and futuristic technology, leaving behind a trail of sparkling stars with every journey through this vast galaxy.

Included 7 Textures Set For Outfit and Spaceship. Doors, rudder, and propeller are movables
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