Candelabra Primula Flowers and Plants

03 June 2024
Candelabra Primula Flowers and Plants

Brighten up your digital boggy areas and wetlands with these jewel like primulas. Standing tall and proud in damp grassy areas, or perfect in pots or flower beds these low resolution models are great for spreading some early summer color through your scenes, or just dotting here and there to add a splash of color in the sward.

Fifteen models in three colors all of which are great for use in instancing - as always a little goes a long way and one model and its instances with slight variances in scale and the y rotation value can look like many different plants! Great for adding swathes of color to your scenes with out bringing your system to its knees!

Perfect for dappled digital shade in light woodlands, stream and river banks, bogs, marsh and wetlands, these lovely flowers will brighten up any scene.
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