TX Eleanor for G9 G8 G8.1 PREMIUM BUNDLE

19 May 2024
TX Eleanor for G9 G8 G8.1 PREMIUM BUNDLE

Beauty adorned with 8K Skin details, seamless compatibility, perfection personified! I'm in love!

Gaze upon the captivating allure of TX Eleanor, a celestial vision with sapphire eyes that mirror the endless depths of the sky, a face so delicate, it rivals the finest of porcelain, and a body that embodies the very essence of beauty itself.

Ultra-realistic Female Character meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate with Genesis 9, Genesis 8, and Genesis 8.1F on Daz Studio. This embodiment of exquisite femininity transcends expectations, a testament to the union of unmatched beauty and cross-generation compatibility.

Prepare to be astounded by the richness of her textures, boasting the finest 8K Micro Skin Details that render every close-up a work of art and every portrait a captivating tale. With separate and meticulously crafted head and body morphs tailored to gracefully fit G9/8/8.1 meshes, TX Eleanor stands as a pinnacle of elegance, waiting to transform your creative visions into realities of unparalleled allure.

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