MRL Adena

01 July 2024
MRL Adena

Adena, a clockwork angel combining innocent beauty with a touch of darkness. Adena has a wide range of make-up options, eye colours and lip colours. In addition she has a range of 'clockwork angel' fantasy options which can be applied all together or separately. Her back tattoo comes with and without wings so that the 'without wings' version can be used with Propschick's 'Mechanical Doll wings (Sold separately All options come in a choice of 3 skin shaders, one with normal Poser MATS, one with SSS MATS for Poser 9 and Poser Pro 2012 and one with simple Daz MATS. She includes two Head morphs and a range of subtle expressions. (As a small bonus, I have also included a Metallic MAT for Propschick's Wings so that they tone in with the Clockwork Angel options but please note these metallic MATS are for Poser Only.)
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