Lingerie style choice

29 June 2024
Lingerie style choice

Lingerie is an integral part of a relationship. Our eyes want to see sexy, exciting clothing on a desirable body. There are a huge number of models, fabrics with different touches, and thematic sets for a pleasant pastime. Depending on the idea, environment, and goals, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the options that we offer and choose what you want.

Don’t forget to follow the news in the Blog section, because we are developing and many new products appear on our website regularly.

Secret Style 48

The product contains: dForce sexy outfit for G9

The prop is weighted to the G9 skeleton.

The underwear set is suitable for various body types. Perfectly emphasizes the chest and length of the legs.

Separate Parts:


dForce, Surfaces - SS48 dress, METAL


Weighted, Surfaces - SS48 thong, METAL

Does not hinder movement. Open access to the partner's genitals allows you not to take off your thong during the action.

Crotchless Teddy G9/G8.1F/G8F

Hot teddy, with no need for morphs except show top right and left options.

This suit is great for a figure with a thin waist. Emphasizes the chest and length of the legs.

The material of the upper part of the corset is mesh. Gives a daring look. Allows you to enhance tactile sensations.

The lower part of the suit is made of latex. Gives open access to the partner's genitals.

The suit is one piece.

It will go well with BDSM accessories and similar surroundings.

Sexy Style 57 for G9

The product contains a fetish outfit for G9

The prop is weighted to the G9 skeleton.

The set is complete.

Elegantly hugs the figure. Gives access only to the nipples. The rest of the genitals are not accessible, which makes it possible to fantasize.

This costume does not include additional features such as posing and morphs.

Wetlook Suit G3F/G8F/G8.1F

Incredibly playful color. The pleasant texture of the suit and sophisticated cut. Emphasizes the silhouette, revealing the beauty of the female figure.

The set is complete.

Good for Genesis 3 and 8 Female

Hot teacher outfit.

Are you a good or bad student? It doesn't matter! A strict teacher will always find something wrong and punish you. Or will YOU punish her for her severity and harmfulness? You may need additional props in the sections of sex toys and BDSM accessories.

The set includes:




Don't forget to visit our section where you can download free adult content for DAZ Studio and Poser - we update it regularly and you can always find something to fulfill your creative needs:)
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