StickyChain Plugin

09 July 2024
StickyChain Plugin

StickyChain is a plugin to assist in the posing of a sequence(hierarchy) of nodes into a catenary curve.

The primary intended use of StickyChain is to help in the posing of rigged ropes or chains.

When ON, the StickyChain updates the rotation of the chain nodes to make the Chain End node follow the StickyChain. Thus, enabling a sequence of nodes to be controlled from either end. StickyChain can be used on a single frame or across a play range.

StickyChain does not include any model or shape. StickyChain is designed to work with rigged figures that you own or create.

StickyChain only works with rigged figures that have bone/nodes arranged in a recursive parent-child arrangement. StickyChain will not work with unrigged or figures rigged with bones/nodes arranged in parallel.

StickyChain does not create or alter morphs. StickyChain creates standard animation keys on the figure’s bones/nodes. StickyChain takes no part in and is not required for PlayBack of the animation keys that it creates.

StickyChain is Windows 64bit or MacOS 64bit.
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