HM Long Hair V for Genesis 9

01 June 2024
HM Long Hair V for Genesis 9

HM Long Hair V, a Beautiful woman ventured into the dark forest, the wind blowing through the trees, tousling her beautiful long, wavy hair with strands flying like dancing shadows in the gloom. Her eyes, deep and penetrating, seemed to search the darkness for answers to questions she dared not even voice aloud.

The dense fog enveloping the forest added a touch of mystery and tension to her surroundings, making each step accompanied by the crunch of dry branches and the whisper of dead leaves. With every footprint she left on the ground covered in leaf litter, she also seemed to mark the path to the unknown, to an uncertain destiny that awaited among the shadows.

The hoot of owls and the distant howl of solitary wolves were the only sounds breaking the sepulchral silence of the forest as if nature itself whispered warnings about the hidden dangers in the darkness.

This hair has bones in its strands so you can pose it in any pose you like, it practically has no limits except your imagination. It is very easy to use, with little RAM and render load. It has a great realistic finish and a touch of anime style.
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