Suxie for G8/8.1 Female

01 July 2024
Suxie for G8/8.1 Female

Prepare yourself for the Children of the Night series of characters!

Suxie is the first of a series of spooky, yet sexy character morphs that will spice up your Halloween renders. Have some ideas for a Succubus, Demon, or vampire? Start with Suxie!

Suxie is perfect for your Succubus renders. Have an idea for a coven of Vampires? Let Suxie convert new members with custom fangs and lead them down the naughty path.

Use this Suxie character morph with your own textures to tell your own spooky stories come Halloween or any time of the year. Dial in as little or as much as you want for the perfect look!

Product is a morph only. No textures or other props are included.
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