PfX Valeria HD for Genesis 9

05 May 2024
PfX Valeria HD for Genesis 9

Introducing Valeria HD, a stunning Daz character who exudes captivating beauty.

Her enchanting eyes, framed by long, luscious lashes, are a mesmerizing shade of sapphire blue. They sparkle with a captivating intensity, drawing you into their depths. Valeria's eyebrows are elegantly shaped, adding a touch of sophistication to her gaze.

Her lips, soft and alluring, have a natural rosy hue, hinting at a playful smile.

Valeria's beauty is truly captivating, making her a mesmerizing presence in any scene. Her striking features and innate elegance leave a lasting impression, making her an unforgettable Daz character.

Valeria HD comes with custom eyebrows, eyelashes, fiber pubic hair, and navel.
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