Trail Shelter

18 June 2024
Trail Shelter

The trail Shelter is a complete scenery with ground, grass, trees, boulders and a trail shelter with a forgotten ruin on the hill behind it. The shelter is modeled after the type of shelters that are common in northern Sweden and has been since the age of the Vikings.

It also comes with a fireplace, chopping block, a wood axe, chopped and non-chopped wood. All items are available as stand-alone props and can be used in other scenes, not only in this scene. The materials are for both 3Delight and Iray, and there are two main presets, day and night, where night has a lit campfire.

It was common that these kinds of shelters were built in the woods along the trails that went from one village to another, so travelers could sleep safely during the nights. Firewood was provided by nearby villages, but the chopping was up to the traveler, and it kept you warm during the cold winters, both the chopping and the fire itself.

The ground and the shelter comes with both high and low-resolution textures, and the ground has four different material zones, so you can choose to have a high-resolution texture map close to the camera, and lower resolution far from the camera, where it doesn't matter.

The set also comes with a cart, which has some interesting poses like wheel repair or wheels off, and it comes with a pose for Genesis 3 Male dragging it. A Vicky riding the cart is not included, that is your homework.

The old Viking name for a trail shelter is slobod.
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